Vision E-S Plus Vending Machine

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If you are looking for a safe secure dispensing system for valuable products, we have your solution. The Vision E-S Plus has a large elevator system and dispensing door allowing you to dispense large, heavy products such as bread, milk, tools and gadgets.

This is a heavy weight machine, with an anti corrosion coating and an insulating foam around the entire cabinet. Combined with the optional cooling unit it will keep your product safe and fresh. The three point locking system will keep your inventory secure.

Here are some of the features of this vending machine.


  • Programmable temperature from 2 ºC to 12º C  to maintain freshness of your food products
  • Capacity of up to 8 fully adjustable trays and up to 10 channels each so you can offer your customers lots of variety and choice.
  • FIFO (first in first out) system used to deliver products so that the oldest product is delivered first maintaining quality and freshness.
  • Vend detection by photocells.
  • Leds lightening system with on-off programming resduces power consumption.
  • Transparent area of 1169 x 714 mm gives you lots of visibility.
  • Auto – self diagnostic control system makes trouble shooting simple and easy.
  • Health timer that inhibits vends of out – of -date products so you never dispense out of date products.
  • Flexible configuration. The easyFlex system allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel. No additional spare parts are needed to create a new configuration. That way you can change up your product line, not your dispensing equipment
  • Programmable torque and speed of the motors so you can vend heavier products.
  • Power Supply: 220-240 VAC (Optional 110 V.)
  • Maximum consumption 650w


  • Dimensions: 1825 x 800 x 975 mm (If the machines has a cooling unit the depth will be 1010mm)
  • Weight: 325 Kg.


  • Robust construction with an anti-corrosive and antioxidation coating material
  • Security lock with 3 locking points
  • Injected foam on all the cabinet, assures the best refrigeration using lower power consumption by the cooling unit.

Use this machine to dispense food, beverages, electronics, toys, games, tools, and yes even medical marijuana. For more information about the Vison E-S Plus Vending machine. call us at (204)272-0310 or fill out the form on the right.

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