Vendtech 1400

The VendTech 1400 Is A Large Volume
Free Standing Cigarette Vending Machine

The Vendtech 1400 is a full sized cigarette vending machine. The massive advertising and marketing panel draws in your customers just like the Pied Piper.

After they arrive, they’ll be offered a range of sixty various brand names. Also , since it holds up to 1436 packages of cigarettes, your customers will always have their favorite brand name at his or her fingertips.

One Touch Keypad


You will want a cigarette vending machine that’s easy to use and simple to manage. The single touch keypad will make product choice very easy for your consumers.

After the transaction is accepted through the coin collector, bill validator, or card reader, the cigarettes will be dispensed immediately.

You’re really going to appreciate the flexibility and simple upkeep of the Vendtech 1400 too. The front advertising and marketing panel is simple to remove, however is

tamper proof as well. You can easily fill up your product. The channels are adaptable and simple to manage for various cigarette pack sizes.

The Vendtech is huge. Standing fifty nine inches tall, 39 inches wide and almost 23 inches deep, it is designed to hold a lot of inventory. Up to sixty brands, and 1436 packs of cigarettes. You will never ever run out of stock again.

The Vendtech 600 delivers complete communication and control too. Controlled accessibility assures complete protection of those under 18.

The register documents each and every pack sold, and prints out the product sales report for you. This enables you to account for each and every pack sold. Thorough reports are also available with the optionally available printer, providing you with complete sales and profits by the brand name. Simply by monitoring all these product sales you canmanage your inventory.
Flash Technology enables one master machine to communicate up to two others. You may even communicate with the cash device from another location too using the optional Wireless bluetooth transmission system. Every little thing about the Vendtech 600 is made to run your current vending company on remote control as much as possible, in order to save you time and increase your profits.

Specifications Of The Vendtech 1400:

Width 39″ / 1000 mm
Depth 22.9″ / 583 mm
Height 59″ / 1500 mm
Height with pedestal 82.6″ / 2100 mm
Weight 418.8 lbs / 190 kg
Weight with pedestal 462.9 lbs / 210 kg
Power 60 w
Number of selections 60
Complete channels 14
Half channels 46
Total capacity (packs) 1436

For pricing information please contact us (We welcome distributor inquiries.)

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