The Tool Box

How To End Inventory Management Hassles Forever


image003Imagine your employees walk up to a vending machine that stores tooling, indirect materials, maintenance parts, kits, electronic components and other kinds of consumable materials such as protective gloves, protective glasses, ear plugs ( Protective Personnel Equipment ) .Once the employees have been identified at the vending machine by using a simple magnetic stripe card, they can select the items they need to complete their tasks.

In few seconds the vending machine will dispense the selected items. Each item is identified and when the item is removed, inventory is automatically adjusted and monitored through the WORX management software. You also gain the benefits of: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) / BARCODE Technology requiring less steps to issue and return items.

Touch screen control allows for easy WORX user interface and System Login; Easy dispensing, tracking and replenishment of kits, spare parts, calibrated tooling, etc.; With inventory available in one convenient location, there is less time spent waiting and searching or supplies; Reduced walk time for items which will improve productivity; Accurate and timely inventory reports allows your purchasing department to reduce and even eliminate mission critical stock-outs.

But what is the biggest benefit of The ToolBox? The measurable reduction if not the complete elimination of shrinkage. The amount of money companies lose each year due to inventory loss is staggering. Now you can prevent your consumable materials and tool inventory walking out of your doors to your employee’s and customer’s homes. More often than not, the money you save from shrinkage and theft pays for The ToolBox inventory management dispensing machine.

In addition to the above benefits, you have the following benefits by using the TOOL BOX vending system:
  1. Control access 24/7.
  2. Locate supplies at the TOOL BOX vending machine.
  3. Easy dispensing, tracking and replenishment of kits, spare parts, calibrated tooling, PPE materials etc.
  4. Stock what are you using only.
  5. Guaranteed 24/7 delivery system.
  6. Track and reduce consumption : Web-based Reporting provides a variety of usage, billing and inventory reports, project or job tracking and allows the user to monitor current and historical data.
  7. Export Data to your system.
  8. With inventory available in one convenient location, there is less time spent waiting and searching for supplies.
  9. Reduced walk time for items which will improve productivity.
  10. Reducing mission critical stock-outs.
  11. Reduce Stock to what necessary.
  12. Accommodate various sizes of inventory at the TOOL BOX vending machine.
  13. Controlled Access to any inventory.
  14. Lower the Total Cost of Material Management.
  15. Optional Touch screen monitor available,
  16. Swipe card reader for magnetic stripe cards (for workers / employees ID cards) ,RFID/BARCODE Reader for the detection of the products.
  17. Management software, User friendly interface, Remote Management software through Internet.
  18. Cabinet fully customizable with artwork and color.
Three Years Warranty on the Mechanics: One year Warranty on the
Electronics .
Services Maintenance: On-site Training, On-site Installation (Field Installation Services) , Tele-assistance BY INTERNET (Remote after sale
support) .

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