Mark X Cigarette Vending Machine

The Ultimate Wall Mounted Cigarette Vending Machine

Black-Mark-X1Our best selling wall mounted cigarette vending machine. Just look at all these great features.

Independent Vend Motors, gives your customers faster fulfillment

High Security Dual Keylock System to protect your product investment

Substantial Full capacity Coin Box, or add a bill validator as well.

Customized Glass Engraving with Logo Designs are available

Digital Multi-Pricing from $ 0.05 to $ 99.95 makes price changes simple and easy for you.

Hand Made Oak Assembly looks great in every location with four great finishes.

Solid State Controls eliminates mechanical failure.

Illuminated Display to highlight your product in low light conditions.

Brass Highlights gives a rich look adding to the attractiveness of the unit

Wall Mounted -Will never occupy Precious Floor Space

Model  Shown- Dark Cherry Finish, three other finishes available.

It is easy to see why this machine is our best seller. You can easily add a bill a card reader to this machine, for real time deposits to your accounts and easy accounting and inventory control. It is so easy to load this up with your merchandise as the vending arms swing out at a ninety degree angle. The best part, site owners will be more open to placement because they are not losing floor space.

Mark X Vending Machine Specifications

Height 37″ / 938 mm
Width 32″ / 812 mm
Depth  8″ / 203 mm
Weight – 85 lbs. / 38.5kg
Maximum Product Capacity – 100 Items gives you maximum profitability from one cigarette vending machine.
Pick one of the following four finishes.For pricing information please contact us or click the Ring Me button at the right to call us now (We welcome distributor inquiries.)