Cigar Shoppe Vending Machine

The Cigar Shoppe Vending Machine For Vending Cigars And Tobacco Products

The Cigar Shoppe is to cigars what the Mark X is to cigarettes. Luxurious, attractive, space saving and most importantly, profitable. See for yourself theamazing features this product has to offer you…

  • Sealed cabinet lined with Spanish Cedar maintains perfect humidity and freshness.cigarShoppeNaturalOak1
  • Capacity ranging from 70 to 150 cigars gives you customers variety and choice.
  • Electronic Multi-pricing from $ 0.05 to$ 99.95 makes changing prices simple and easy.
  • Double Keylock system keeps your inventory safe.
  • Anti-theft delivery system protects your profits.
  • Hand-crafted oak construction for a luxurious look that fits any venue and its decor.
  • Illuminated Showcase Live Display attracts attention in low light venues.
  • Brass accents and parts for a luxurious look and long life.
  • Wall Mounted – Does not take up valuable floor space. It allows you access where big bulky floor machines are refused.
  • Uniquely Crafted in the Old World Tradition of Wood Working.  The Mark X Classic Cigar Dispenser is Styled to Suit any Surroundings.

Dimensions and Specifications

cigarShoppeDarkCherryHeight 38″ / 965 mm
Width 21.5″ / 546 mm
Depth  9.75″ / 248 mm
Weight – 70 lbs. / 31.7 kg

You have three finish options

Natural Oak Finish
Dark Cherry Finish
Black Oak Finish (Special Order)

Other Options Available

Passive humidification system Agressive humidification system maintains 70% humidity ±5% insuring maximum cigar quality. The Cigar Shoppe is currently available as a fully equipped vending machine that uses the Coinco CGX 9302 coin acceptor and the Coinco MAG 32R Bill Validator. A Card Reader for debit and credit card transactions is also available for instant deposit to your accounts and inventory tracking and control. For pricing information please contact us or click the Ring Me button at the right to call us now (We welcome distributor inquiries.)