Cigar Bar

This Is Not Your Daddy’s Cigar Vending Machine

This is the ultimate wall mounted tobacco vending machine, in our product lineup. It does everything but roll the cigars for you.

cigar_bar2Think about it. A machine that will dispense 90 individual cigars. That is nine rows of ten different products. Plus it holds 48 packs of cigarillos and/or cigarettes as well. You can use a coin acceptor, a bill validator, or a card reader.  But here is the best part, it has an interactive touch screen as well. The touch screen is the visible part of this smart vending system. During a sale, it displays the selection to your customer. They pick the product they want, select it, and they can even enter the PIN number for their credit/debit cards, paying you instantly. But for the rest of the time is displays advertising, generating revenue for you even when no one is buying a cigar. Just check out all these great features…


Advertising Distribution on the touch screen, giving you a high potential revenue resource
Remote Distribution Management sales and inventory levels are sent to you in real time. That allows you to measure and control cash flow and inventory.
Security controls protects from pilfering
Attractive Appearance makes it ideal for pubs, restaurants and hotels.
Electronic, Wall-mounted (saves floor space) so it can go where bulky floor machine cannot.
Customizable Product Display
Individual and Packaged Cigar Sales and Display
Remote Access allows you to monitor cash and inventory levels
cigar_bar1Distribute Advertising Content and create passive income even when you are not selling your products.

Here is what we put into the media system.

General Purpose Communications CPU High Resolution LCD Touch Screen Sub System 20 GB Hard Drive Windows XP OS DB 30 Control Board Network Interface 1 GB Ram Management Software System This wall mounted cigar vending machine has so many features and too many benefits to describe. To discover more about The Cigar Bar, please contact us for more information. For pricing information please contact us or click the Ring Me button at the right to call us now (We welcome distributor inquiries.)