Vending Design Works LTD is relocating and setting up shop in the city of Winnipeg and a new website is being launched to showcase their vending and dispensing systems. The website,, will share information and resources related to finding wall mounted wood encased vending and dispensing machines.

“I have been a vending machine manufacturer for over 20 years,” said the owner of Vending Design Works. “We have been frustrated by web designers in the past, who were unable to meet deadlines, and who charged more than they quoted, by holding my website hostage.  When I visited and spoke with the owner, I felt confident that I would have a market dominating website”

The site will feature a new design that fits the page in any sized monitor and allows viewers to increase the size of the text to make it easy to read.  This site easy to use and navigate for visitors searching for wall mounted cigarette and snack vending machines.

The owner of the site also pointed out that a new article will be coming online soon that discusses the benefits of installing wall mounted vending in clubs, restaurants and bars. “Rumors and myths about cigarette vending regulations has been floating around for years, and so hopefully this article will help shed some true light on this topic.”

He mentioned that some of the myths people have are related to the tough new public smoking restrictions in place today. These concerns and more will be covered in the new article to be posted soon.

Further details on finding wall mounted vending and dispensing machines can be found online at