Touch-Screen Vending

Interactive Vending and Remote Access –

marketing has never been easier, more convenient, or more versatile!

image003Imagine a remote operated vending machine that can generate not one, not two, but three separate revenue streams. That is exactly what the Interactive Vending Machine can do for you.

Vending Design Works Ltd. can now offer the ultimate marketing solution for those individuals who want to use a vending or a series of vending machines to sell their products and services.  These vending machines have wireless internet capacity and are fitted with touch screen technology to  generate more sales and revenue than you ever imagined. The revenue streams are generated from:

  1. Selling the products you have placed in the machine. The machine is set with an elevator to take your products from their placement in the machine to the drop box are. You can now deliver even the most fragile items. The elevator to drop box mechanism keeps your inventory safe from theft
  2. The machines have video screens that allow you to promote your products and services or compliment this revenue stream by selling advertising for other companies. Better yet, when placing your machine is retail locations, offer to program the video screens to display the retailer’s ads. This makes your placement far more attractive than your competitor’s giving you an unfair advantage in a competitive marketplace.
  3. The last revenue stream is the ability to sell the names of the clients who choose to provide you with their personal information.

The wireless internet technology will give you significant benefits with regard to service and sales. You can change the prices on the machine from your remote location. There will be no need to drive to the machine to monitor sales, change pricing to help promote sales. This can be done from your office or your home. Just log on to your machine and make whatever changes you need to enhance your sales and marketing program. The machine can be set so it will send you an e-mail or SMS when products are low or if the machine is having issues. This will save you considerable time and travel cost as you will go to the location only when you are alerted to low inventory or servicing needs.

Call us at (204) 272-0310 or fill out and submit the form in the sidebar for a confidential interview and let’s discuss how we can make these machines part of your marketing program. The units can handle items as small as a diamond ring to a power tool weighing in at sixty five pounds. They are that versatile.



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