Custom Design And Building

Yes We Do Custom Design and Build Custom Vending Machines

You can’t always buy off the rack … some things just don’t fit. But don’t let that get you down … here is what you need to do. Call our factory head office at (204) 272 0310 ext 101 or fill out the contact form below for an appointment. We will custom design a vending  machine to market your products.

At Vending Design Works Ltd. we can design and build a vending machine just for you. Our company would be happy to create your perfect piece of vending and dispensing equipment for your home or business. If you need some inspiration … have a look at our vending machine line up.

At Vending Design Works, we believe that the standard features of our machines will appeal to the discerning client. Our goal is to offer our clients what they want within a budget range they have set in contrast to providing upgrade options at individual pricing. Vending Design Works base products exceed present industry standards. Our volume allows us to ultimately offer a superior product without having to pass along additional costs to the client. Our design team is co-located with our manufacturing plant and clients benefit from the both the direct contact and factory pricing.