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Vending Machine Models For You To Choose From

We have been developing, designing, building and custom building vending machines for over twenty one years. In that time we have seen this industry grow considerably. When we started coin collectors were the norm, bill validators were just starting to come on the scene, and card readers for debit and credit card purchases..were just a dream

Well things have changed. Gone are the big huge bulky machines of the 70s and 80s. Sleek, slim and wall mounted are in. As for payment, well you can still use coins and bills as accepted currency, but more and more are moving to card readers. Today’s card readers can process credit and debit cards, as well as using smart card technology.

The best part of using today’s technology. Vending machines can now communicate remotely with their owners through the internet. Imagine knowing when a machine needs service, inventory topped up, a sales is made, and funds deposited electronically to your bank account.

All the vending machines shown below, use the most recent advances in technology. The Glass covers may also be engraved with any logo or image that you desire.

Below you will find a brief summary of each of the nine vending machines we manufacture, with a direct link to that machine’s page. Just click on the link to learn more about that particular machine.


The Vision E-S Plus

267This is a versatile floor mounted vending machine that has gained a lot of notoriety and fame as of late. The Vision E-S Plus Vending machine is designed to give you flexibility for your vending business. The elevator is the entire width of the machine allowing you to dispense large heavy products. There is an optional cooling unit that allows you to maintain a programmable  internal temperature of 2°C  to 12°C so you can keep your products fresh.

Many of our clients have used this machine for inventory management of tools, dispensing perishable foods such as eggs and milk, electronic gadgets, and even dispensing pharmaceuticals.

This is an excellent vending machine for owners looking for versatility, security, as well as easy operation and maintenance. For more information, visit the Vision E-S Plus Vending machine page.


The Mark X

The Mark X Shown In Black

The Mark X is our flagship wall mounted cigarette and snack vending. Don’t let the compact size fool you. It can hold and dispense up to 100 items giving you maximum profits.

The small size, and wood finish makes it a welcome addition in pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

Available in four different finishes with brass highlights.

For more details and information about the Mark X, please visit the Mark X page.


The Cigar Shoppe

The Cigar Shoppe is to cigars what the Mark X is to cigarettes. Luxurious, attractive, space saving and most importantly, profitable. The Cigar Shoppe Cigar Vending Machine

Hand crafted you have a choice of a dark cherry or natural oak finish. You can also custom order this vending machine in a black finish as well.

This machine can dispense 70 to up to 150 cigars. Pricing is easily adjustable to your inventory.

For more details and information about the The Cigar Shoppe, please visit theThe Cigar Shoppe page.


The Cigar Bar

The Cigar Bar Wall Mounted Cigar Vending Machine

Wow what an amazing machine. Wall mounted and able to hold ninety individual cigars and up to forty eight packs of cigarillos and/or cigarettes.

You can order this vending machine with a coin collector, a bill validator and a card reader. The best part? The interactive touch screen.

When the touch is not being used to dispense product, it displays advertising messages, creating a passive income on a continuous basis.

For more details and information about the The Cigar Bar, please visit The Cigar Bar page.


HT1 Wall Mounted Cigarette Vending Machine

The HT1 is our inventory controlled cigarette vending dispenser. It comes in a steel cabinet or an oak cabinet.

HT1 Steel Cigarette Vending Dispenser

Fully equipped and ready to start making you money. The glass can be engraved with a logo or design of your choice.

It holds up to 90 packs of cigarettes.

The theft deterrent system prevent and discourages pilfering

For more details and information about the The HT1, please visit the HT1 Cigarette Vending Machine page.


The Art Deco

Continental Vending Machine

The Continental is our most recent merchandiser which is manufactured as a total unit which includes a Continental Wall Mounted Cigarette and Snack Vending Machine.Coinco CGX 9302 coin acceptor plus a Coinco MAG32R Bill Validator designed straight into the front panel.
Compact, light weight and illuminated this vending machine will hold and dispense up to 100 products.
Use it for candy and snacks, hair care products, jewellery, sporting goods, even slippers if you wish.
This is a truly versatile and fully equipped wall mounted vending machine that you should explore further.
For more details and information about the The Continental, please visit the Art Deco Vending Machine page.

The Vendtech 600

The Vendtech 600 is a compact attractive vending machine. Wall Mounted to save valuable floor

Vendtech 600 Wallmounted Cigarette Vending Machine

space and expandable to hold and dispense 1774 packs of cigarettes.

Inventory management and sales reports are done for you with this smart vending machine.

One touch keypad makes it simple and easy to use.

If you are in the market for a vending machine for high traffic locations that will hold a large inventory of product for you then you need to consider the Vendtech 600

For more details and information about the The Vendtech 600, please visit the Vendtech 600 page.


The Vendtech 1400


Vendtech 1400 Cigarette Vending Machine

The Vendtech 1400 is a large volume,  full sized, free standing cigarette vending machine.  It holds 1436 packs of cigarettes and over sixty different brands. It holds everybody’s favorites.

Full communication and control.

Remote access for sales and inventory reports.

Simple and easy to use with a one touch keypad.

Optional Pedestal is available to bring the advertising panel and controls to eye level.

The Vendtech 1400 is the ultimate high volume cigarette vending machine

For more details and information about the The Vendtech 1400, please visit the Vendtech 1400 page.


interactive-vendingThe machine has significant benefits with regard to service and sales. You can change the prices on the machine from your remote location. There will be no need to drive to the machine to monitor sales, change pricing to help promote sales. This can be done from your office or your home. Just log on to your machine and make whatever changes you need to enhance your sales and marketing program.  The machine can be set so it will send you an e-mail or SMS when products are low or if the machine is having issues.

For more details and information about the The Inter Active Vending Machine, please visit the Inter Active page.


The Tool Box

The Tool Box is coming soon.



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