Winnipeg, Manitoba vending machine manufacturer, vending Design Works Ltd. is hard at work designing wall mounted vending machines and a new website has been launched to help entrepreneurs and large corporations find the vending machine that is best for their needs. The website,, shares information and resources to help anyone interested in vending, dispensing, and inventory control to discover the vending machine that is best for them.

“Our goal with this website is to give website visitors access to a variety of information and resources related to finding and choosing the best way to promote their products 24 hours a day 7 days a week” said Don Rischuk, the owner of the website. “We understand that everyday more and more people are going online to find information and to find businesses, so we created this resource for them, so that they have access to all the information they need.”

The site features a new design that allows for an easy way to find information and resources that will help their visitors discover the sleek slim design and elegance of the Vending Design Works wall mounted vending machines.

The owner of the site also pointed out that a new article will be coming online soon that discusses how manufacturers can eliminate their shrinkage nightmares forever. “The bottom line is, most manufacturers lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day to parts and tools that are removed from their business by employees.”

He mentioned that traditional parts and tool rooms are an inefficient way to manage inventory and prevent shrinkage.

For further details on getting a custom built wall mounted vending machine can be found online by going to