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Vending Design Works LTD is a design company that specializes in designing, patenting, and manufacturing specialty vending and dispensing machines. Our goal is to manufacture machines that are as current as today’s technology will allow. We live in an interactive society and the machines should reflect this environment. Ten years ago we started with small wall mount ‘furniture like’ equipment to meet a need in the industry. Today we have added other components to take the vending industry and our machines from the 20th to the 21st century.

If you have a product and are successfully marketing it but want to take it to the next level and need a solution we will design a marketing program coupled with a vending machine specific to your need. We envision our machines to be sales representatives working in your best interest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our machines are engineered to function with the least sophisticated payment methods to the most sophisticated.

You can purchase a machine that will operate with coins only. Later as the market demands bill acceptance can be added. If the market place demands credit card access we can then add this feature. Loyalty cards, membership cards, membership number, coupons, employee access cards all are compatible with our machines. Accounting and inventory control are now state of the art. DEX (data exchange) accounting and payment information is an inexpensive way to control your cost. If you choose we can connect all our machines to the internet and sales can be recorded in real time and accessible from your computer or laptop whenever you wish.

We have designed touch screen sales systems to perform two functions. The first is to take your clients money and the second is to sell your products. These features allowed us to develop another revenue stream, advertising! Where ever your machines are located you can deliver an advertising message, generating revenue when they are not dispensing a product.

You may be interested to know that our Company has been working with two major tobacco corporations for the past seven years in the Canadian marketplace and now we are looking to expand our distributor base into the US. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and can qualify, we have opportunities in fifty major US cities. Some of these opportunities may have cash subsidies available.

Contact us to discuss how you can participate. Whether you are in the tobacco business, the bar & nightclub business, vending distribution or you’re up and coming entrepreneur we encourage you to contact us to explore these opportunities both here and abroad. We are seeking import – export opportunities around the globe for many of our products.

Our custom made wall-mounted, oak cigarette and cigar vending machines are state-of-art automatic merchandisers that appeal to many. Consumers love them for their good looks and ease-of-use and vending operators love them for their ability to produce steady cash profits when well placed in adult only locations. In addition, these machines can comply with most ordinances as they can be operated with our optional remote lockout device. We can also customize equipment with your own “branding” if you so choose and we’re always open to new ideas from our customers.

We manufacture other attractive, wall mount vending machines to dispense a variety of traditional products. These products range from… Snacks, Condoms, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, hair care products, calling cards, health food products, sporting goods, tee shirts, DVDs, MP3 players.

All our Vending Design Works machines have been designed so they can be integrated with touch screen media players to inform and deliver products to our customers. The machines now have two sources of revenue available, advertising revenue and an enhanced merchandising capability. The touch screen leads you through the selling process while introducing the product to be dispensed and simultaneously explaining the products features and benefits.